ISRP FY 2007-09 Follow-up Review of Wenatchee Complexity Project, 200732500: Site CMZ C6

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At the Council’s November 6, 2009 request, the ISRP evaluate documentation provided by the Chelan County Natural Resource Department to justify restoration actions on one of four proposed project sites for the Wenatchee Complexity Project, 20073250. Chelan County provided this information in response to earlier ISRP reviews, which requested more details to allow us to assess the value of the project on scientific merit (ISRP 2008-13). In that review, although the ISRP preferred a complete plan for all sites, the ISRP noted that to allow for sequential implementation of the project, the ISRP would review support documents for each site as they became available. Chelan County took the sequential approach.

In February 2009, we found the support documents justified restoration actions at site CMZ 11 (ISRP 2009-4). In a July 2009 review we found the restoration actions at site CMZ N4 were scientifically justified (ISRP 2009-29). Submittals for the fourth site are anticipated in December 2009. A fifth site, CMZ 17, will not be addressed under this BPA-funded project.

The ISRP found the supporting documents for site CMZ C6 to meet scientific review criteria with a qualification that the monitoring program needs to be improved (as per previous ISRP comments on other CMZ projects) and the projected benefits (estimates of the number of fish using the restored channel) need to be reported, based on surveys of other off-channel habitats in the area. See the attached for details.

The ISRP looks forward to reviewing plans for the fourth site.