Draft Amendments to the Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program

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1982 MedSolicitation letter (comment period ended Dec 1, 2008, see those comments):

The Council invites your review and comment on its draft amendments to its Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program.

The Council initiated the amendment process in November 2007 by soliciting recommendations from the region’s state and federal fish and wildlife agencies, Indian tribes, and others, as required by the Northwest Power Act. The Council prepared the draft after reviewing the recommendations, supporting information submitted with the recommendations, and comments received on the recommendations.

The Council now invites additional review and comment on the recommendations, including comments on how the draft program amendments relate to the recommendations.

Comment on the draft program through October 30 December 1, 2008 in any of three ways:

  • Submit a comment online
  • Send mail to Mark Walker, Director of Public Affairs, Northwest Power and Conservation Council, 851 S.W. Sixth Avenue, Suite 1100, Portland, Oregon 97204
  • Attend any public hearing scheduled at various locations throughout the Columbia River Basin

The Council looks forward to hearing your comments on this draft amended program.


Bill Booth, Chair