Response for project 198812035: Klickitat Mgmt, Data, Habitat

Comment on proposed FY 2006 budget

The FY06 budget is consistent with Bonneville's 2005 budget. However, we believe a 6% increase is warranted. The project needs to maintain operational capability to successfully perform required work and also maintain salaries that are competitive with other F&W agencies. Over the past 2-3 years the project has lost several key personnel, partially due to salary levels. Gas prices have nearly doubled from FY05 levels, and concurrently expenses for supplies, materials, travel, etc. have increased due to these increases in energy prices. Therefore, the FY06 budget should be increased to $440,614.

Accomplishments since the last review

# of people reached in each of 3 classes (T/S/G): Teachers, Students, General publicExpansion of YKFP in Klickitat Subbasin afforded opportunity to assist in ongoing educational outreach into local community. Project staff partnered with the USFWS- Columbia Gorge Information and Education Office to provide outreach activities that are i
Identify and Select ProjectsIdentified and sought funding for habitat, passage and instream flow restoration and protection projects within the Klickitat subbasin. Projects were developed pursuant to the NPCC's ongoing planning effort for the Columbia Gorge Province, and were consis
CoordinationCoordinated & implemented all YKFP-Klickitat activities; developed SOW, YKFP project documents, contract budgets, compliance with all applicable laws & environmental review requirements, subcontractor procurement, and financial reporting.
CoordinationCoordinated with Federal, state and local government and non-governmental organizations with respect to anadromous fish, stream flows and related matters to promote fish and riparian habitat and streamflow (passage) protection and restoration; monitor rec
CoordinationCoordination of YKFP-Klickitat management and policy development with other government agencies and decision-making bodies; WDFW, BPA, NPCC, NOAA Fisheries, CBFWA, as well as coordination of lead agency activities with appropriate Tribal officials and per
Provide Technical ReviewParticipated in Project & Provincial Reviews which are vital part of the annual review and planning cycle that contributes to the research considerations for Klickitat activities within the YKFP.
Produce PlanCoordination-2001-present. Worked with: WDFW to transition Klickitat Mitchell Act Hatchery maintenance activities at Castile Falls; NPCC to develop Subbasin Plan, Subbasin Supplement; NOAA to develop HGMPs, CRFMP.
Produce Annual ReportProduced annual report detailing the accomplishments for each work element of the Klickitat Management, Data & Habitat Contract.
Produce Status ReportProduced quarterly status report detailing the accomplishments for each work element of the Klickitat Management, Data & Habitat Contract.
Council 3-step Process: Step 1Coordinated with NPCC to develop Klickitat Subbasin Anadromous Fishery Master Plan currently in Step I review.
Collect/Generate/Validate Field and Lab DataImplemented the ISMP by monitoring the data collection systems of the YKFP, supervising the input of all data into a standardized system and coordinating any necessary reformatting of existing data.
Submit/Acquire DataAcquired appropriate Klickitat basin data from collection activities performed by YKFP and other relevant entities. Ensured quality control, standardization, and proper storage procedures for all data and information acquired.
Manage/Maintain DatabaseMaintained an up-to-dated Information System Management Plan (ISMP) by identifying the YKFP’s near and long term data and information management needs within the Klickitat basin. Developed methods to standardize, consolidate and centralize all data. Desi
Disseminate Raw & Summary DataIdentifed the appropriate data and/or information to be shared with various entities. For a given entity made data available at a useable resolution through appropriate media. This included electronic file transfers for specific data requests or web pages

A primary result of the MD&H project has been the successful implementation of the M&E and KWEP projects, as described in the respective project annual reports. Additional accomplishments in terms of habitat, data and financial resources management are described in the MD&H project annual reports. The MD&H reports can be found at 1) 2) The Metrics and descriptions included in these comments were cut and pasted from the current statement of work for the Yakama Nation/Bonneville contract implementing the MD&H project. The 255 character limit on metric description text caused some truncation. However all of these project metrics were met and documented in Project Annual Reports from 2002 to present.

FY 2006 goals and anticipated accomplishments

The Yakama Nation will continue performance of YKFP management responsibilities, which generally include: 1. Project planning and budgeting activities; 2. Operation and maintenance activities at YKFP facilities; 3. Project research management in accordance with adaptive management principles; 4. Design and development of a centralized database for Project use and dissemination to others; 5. Identification of habitat restoration and acquisition projects; 6. Outreach and Education; and 7. Dissemination of accumulated project information through the project reviews, conferences, the project web site (, project reports, and other means. See also the metrics set forth in the Past Accomplishments field. All of these metrics will be used again in FY 2006.

Subbasin planning

How is this project consistent with subbasin plans?

This project is consistent with the stated overall Subbasin Goals (section 2.4, p v), Biological Objectives (Section 2.5, p v) and Major Findings and Conclusions (Section 2.6, p v-vii). Information collected, analyzed and modeled through the project address Assessment findings identified in the subbasin plan on a reach by reach basis from pages 150-227. They also address Key Findings found between pages 243 and 273. In Chapter 6.5.3 in the Subbasin Plan numerous elements are identified (pages 354-362). In addition, many of the individual action items are identified and addressed in Appendix F, Chapter 4 “Multi-species Proposed Actions and Risks" (pages 34-93).

How do goals match subbasin plan priorities?

This project informs and helps accomplish work identified in 1) the Management Plan as ‘Primary’ (pages 333-352); and, 2) in the Subbasin Supplement ‘Prioritized Habitat Strategies to Address Key Limiting Factors Identified Geographically’ table as ‘High’ (pages 10-13)

Other comments

Klickitat Mgmt, Data Habitat 1988-120-35 is linked to Klickitat M&E 1995-063-35, KWEP 1997-056-00 and also Klickitat D&C 1988-115-35.