Response for project 200300500: Hatchery & Genetics Mgmt Plan

Comment on proposed FY 2006 budget

$3,152,000 $152,000 (COTR estimate). Recent meetings with NOAA suggest that NOAA responses to material submitted will be late in FY2005 or early FY2006, requiring some fish co-managers to respond in FY2006. $3,000,000 (all expense) is COTR estimate for FY2006 costs: A) one-time minor modification to BPA-operated facilities B) short-term and long-term operational changes that will require changes in the manner or operations or amount of effort required to implememnt changes C) early planning (not capitalizable until final design) for capital changes that will happen about FY2007-FY2012, depending upon the extent of the change required and, when applicable, any cost share at the affected facilities. Not all facilities or projects are 100% BPA-funded.

Accomplishments since the last review

174- Produce plan. Phase I HGMPS (by 30 Sep 2005) NOAA responses to a majority of the plans (30 Sep 2005)

FY 2006 goals and anticipated accomplishments

NOAA is expected to respond to all HGMPs with: 1) HGMP-specific comments and recommendation for each hatchery program. Because of the sheer volume of HGMPs, at least some of this is expected to occur in FY2006 2) NOAA Prioritization among recommended actions to guide BPA (and other funding agencies) on which actions need to be taken most quickly 3) BPA/NPCC can then prioritize actions among recommendations for BPA-funded hatcheries and determine which will be implemented.

Subbasin planning

How is this project consistent with subbasin plans?

Production and approval of HGMPs and prioritization of actions is consistent with the intent of both subbasin plans and the Artificial Production Review Evaluation (APRE).

How do goals match subbasin plan priorities?

Priorities (for hatchery changes) both within and among subbasins will be taken into account when NPCC/BPA recommends changes for any hatchery program.

Other comments