Final Review of 2009 Wildlife Proposals

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This is the Independent Scientific Review Panel (ISRP) and Peer Review Groups’ final comments and recommendations on 36 proposals submitted for the 2009 Wildlife Category Review to implement the Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program.

The ISRP finds that 23 proposals fully meet scientific review criteria, 11 meet criteria with some qualifications, and 2 do not meet scientific review criteria.

Overall, after reviewing proposals, visiting wildlife areas, and meeting with wildlife managers, the ISRP was impressed with the dedication and responsiveness of all of the wildlife program managers. The wildlife program has made progress in many areas since the ISRP began its reviews in 1997. Consistent with its charge, the ISRP hopes that its reviews and comments move the program forward especially in the area of adaptive management.

Also see reviews by proposal, with full proposal detail and preliminary ISRP review.