Agenda for the first meeting of Demand Forecast Advisory Committee For the Seventh Power Plan

Was Held: May 23rd 2013 start at 10:00 AM closing at 3:30 PM


Meeting Minutes

Greetings and introduction of new members

  • Review of agenda
  • Discussion of Council’s planning process
  • A brief over-view of Council’s long-term Demand model 

PDF of Presentation Materials

Open Discussion Topic Areas for Key Drivers of load forecast

  • Population forecast
    • Changing demographics
    • Can climate change bring more population to NW?
  • Residential Sector new unit additions
    • Have you seen a shift from single to multi-family housing?
    • Do you see increase in high-rise residential units (4 story and above)?
    • How are you planning to incorporate findings from Residential Building Stock Assessment study?
  • Commercial Sector floor space addition
    • Do you see a slow-down in commercial construction activities?
    • Have you seen a shift in building mix?
  • Industrial Sector output
    • Have you seen re-shoring/ resurgence of industrial sector?
    • Do you see a rebirth of industrial sector?
    • Is the Growth in large data centers going to continue?
  • Transportation sector
    • Do you see growth in Electric vehicles continuing?
    • Do you think natural gas vehicles are going to take-off?
  • Economic Scenarios (Highs and Lows)

Schedule for the 7th Plan

  • Timing of the 7th Power Plan
  • Schedule for the next meeting/webinar


Large conference room Council offices
(We will have a break for lunch - on your own - from 11:45 to 1:00)

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