Conference call - 800-356-8278, code 186685

The Council is considering formation of a hatchery workgroup, and on behalf of Council member Guy Norman, chair of the Council’s Fish and Wildlife Committee, I am writing to assess your interest in taking part in the group.

As many of you are aware, the Council supports a regionally coordinated approach to guide hatchery actions and needs into the future. The Council believes it is important to consider future hatchery operations, with an updated understanding of progress that has occurred over the past 20 plus years with respect to mitigation and conservation objectives.  This collaborative, communicative effort is needed to consider future artificial production needs and activities. As you are aware, the region has a long history of past efforts and work regarding artificial production, and the Council believes it is important to consider these past efforts in considering future artificial production activities.  All hatcheries and artificial production activities have a purpose, and production programs have progressed over time in an effort to meet those purposes. In light of the research and changes that have occurred, we think now is a good time to work with managers to review the artificial production programs in the region as an appropriate starting point to inform options for future implementation and research needs.   To begin the discussion, we have represented four potential tasks for the workgroup: 1) An updated review that is focused on success of programs in meeting mitigation and conservation objectives; 2) provide a prioritized list of options that could further progress towards program objectives; 3) develop an approach to assist in prioritizing research questions;  and 4) inform the Council’s 2021 Anadromous Habitat and Hatchery category review.

Member Norman would like to host a teleconference to explore and confirm interest in forming this workgroup – similar to the Ocean Forum and Asset Management Subcommittee.