10:00 AM Introductions and Welcoming Remarks  (Ken Corum, Rich Sedano)
10:15 AM Wrap up of Demand Response Cost – Effectiveness Protocol and Spreadsheet Tool (Rich Sedano)
10:45 AM Wind Integration and Demand Response (Ken Corum)
>> Presentation
11:15 AM Dynamic Pricing: A Brief Framework and Current Rate Design Practices of Selected Utilities (Rick Weston, RAP) 
>> Presentation
>> myPower Pricing Pilot Segments
>> Background Paper: The Power of Experimentation, Ahmad Faruqui and Sanem Sergici
1:00 PM Experience with Dynamic Pricing: Idaho Power (Darlene Nemnich and Pete Pengilly, Idaho Power)
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1:45 PM Rollout of Dynamic Pricing Programs in Southern California (Sandra Baule, San Diego Gas & Electric [by phone]) 
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2:30 PM Break
2:45 PM Critical Peak Pricing: Tariffs and Implementation (Rick Weston, RAP) 
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>> Model Critical Peak Pricing Tariff
3:15 PM Implementing Dynamic Pricing: How to get from here to there?
What kinds of price structures can be put into effect now that will yield a significant chunk of the benefits that more dynamic prices will, without requiring immediate and ubiquitous investment in AMI? How far can we go without AMI and what’s the incremental benefit that can only be achieved with AMI? What does the transition to more dynamic pricing regimes (regimes that require AMI) look like?
4:00 PM Conclusion: Next Steps for PNDRP in support of states