Resource Adequacy Advisory Committee - Steering Committee

Council Offices or Online

851 SW Sixth Ave, Suite 1100
Portland, OR 97204

March 30, 2017

1:00pm - 4:00pm


Presentation, Load Comparison Spreadsheet,
March 2017 Load forecast for 2022 Summary


  • Brief recap of the 2021 adequacy assessment
  • 2022 load forecast and how it’s changed from the 2021 forecast
  • 2022 generating resources and changes since the 2021 assessment
  • Key Assumptions
    • Import availability
    • Resource inclusion criteria, (e.g. sited and licensed, etc.) including DR, EE and emergency resources
    • IPP availability
    • How we plan to deal with market uncertainty/friction, in-region transmission congestion and fuel limitations
  • Preliminary results for 2022 assessment

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