9:00 am

Welcome, Introductions - Pat Smith, Jim West

  • Introduce new RTF PAC appointments
  • Introduce Jennifer Anziano
  • Refresher of the RTF PAC Background
9:20 am

Review Agenda and Minutes from May RTF PAC Meeting - Jim West 

9:30 am

Key Council Meeting Dates and Recommendation for 2015 RTF Work Plan – Jennifer Anziano

10:00 am

PAC Dashboard and Discussion of SEEM Calibration – Jennifer Anziano, Charlie Grist and Adam Hadley

11:00 am Break
11:15 am

Update on RTF Analysis of Wood Smoke – Charlie Grist, Jennifer Anziano

11:40 am

Update on 2014 RTF Financials – Jennifer Anziano

12:00 pm Adjourn