Meeting Minutes

1:00pm-2:30pm PACIFIC

Dial-In: 1 877 568 4106 
Access Code: 831-963-912 

The primary purpose of this meeting will be to discuss the Draft 2018 RTF Work Plan and Business Plan. Those resources are currently available on the RTF website here:


1:00 pm

Welcome, Introductions - Henry Lorenzen, PAC Co-Chair

  • Review today’s agenda, review meeting notes from May 29, 2017 meeting.
1:10 pm

Decision on Proposed 2018 RTF Work Plan and Business Plan - Jennifer Light, RTF Manager/Chair
Decision Item 

Presentation|Proposed Work Plan and Budget
1:40 pm

Debrief on Council Decision Regarding Fuel Choice

2:00 pm

The PAC Dashboard – Jennifer Light, RTF Manager/Chair

2:20 pmWrap Up/Next Steps
2:30 pmAdjourn