Dial in: 1 877 568 4106 
Access Code: 831-963-912#

1:00 pm - 3:00 am Pacific

1:00 pm - Welcome and Introductions - Patrick Oshie and Tom Lienhard 

1:15 pm - Preliminary Plan Findings and Potential RTF Actions - Jennifer Light

  • Presentation: Preliminary Plan Findings & Potential Implications for RTF

  • Purpose: the 2021 Power Plan analysis is underway. The preliminary plan findings are painting a very different picture than historic plans, yet there is still more to come. The purpose of this item is to share out the preliminary results with respect to energy efficiency and demand response. This is intended to open up a discussion around potential action items for the RTF to be included in the 2021 Power Plan. 

2:30 pm - Year to Date Update and RTF PAC Dashboard - Jennifer Light 

2:50 pm - Wrap Up and Next Steps - Patrick Oshie and Tom Lienhard

3:00 pm - Adjourn