Survey Signals Support for Energy-efficient Lighting

A recent consumer survey by EcoAlign, a strategic marketing agency in the energy sector, found that two-thirds of Americans feel that phasing out traditional incandescent light bulbs and replacing them with energy-efficient lights is a good idea. A majority of Americans have installed some type of energy-efficient lighting in their homes, with two-thirds having installed compact fluorescent lights in their home over the past year.

Improved efficiency will play a huge role in meeting the Pacific Northwest's future electricity demand--85 percent over the next 20 years--with lighting an important area of savings.

In its latest power plan, the Council found over 1,400 average megawatts of potential savings in the commercial sector, and nearly two-thirds are in lighting systems. New technologies like LED lights and improved lighting fixtures and controls offer added potential savings in both outdoor and indoor lighting.

As technology offers more options to consumers, savings are not only about economics, but lifestyle and comfort. EcoAlign CEO Jamie Wimberly notes, "For many, efficiency standards represent excellence and have become part of a broader narrative connected to progress."