Tell Us How to Improve Local Fish and Wildlife Efforts

The Council's Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Program depends on local watershed plans--subbasin plans--to inform its recommendations about what projects to fund. These plans connect all the various fish and wildlife actions already underway, identify problems that need attention, and provide guidelines to direct the projects. The goal is to bring everyone involved in fish and wildlife work, or who is interested in these issues, together to help craft restoration strategies that are clear and comprehensive and that have broad public support.

To make sure the plans stay vital and relevant, we're conducting a survey (survey ended Aug 2011) to find out how we can improve them. Help us determine the best ways to update the plans and what future plans should look like and how they should function. How can we make them most useful? How can we make them easy to use and understand? Do we need a subbasin planning app? How can we make them interactive?

We've got the questions--we just need to hear what you think.