Regional Portfolio Model review to be presented January 15

The Council recently convened a three-person panel of leading energy planning and analysis experts to review its Regional Portfolio Model (RPM). RPM is the primary analytical modeling tool that Council staff uses to perform cost and risk analyses of resource strategy alternatives, including to support development of the Council’s Northwest Power Plans.

The panel was asked to perform an independent review and evaluation of RPM, and to provide recommendations. Topic areas that the panel addressed include:

  1. is the model methodology sound and does it fit the Council’s needs for regional power planning;
  2. how effectively has Council staff used the model, including formulating analyses, developing assumptions, presenting results, and communicating with stakeholders and Council members;
  3. what level of staffing is needed to develop, maintain and use the model; and
  4. should the Council devote resources to adapting and supporting the model for use by others?

The panel has completed its review and evaluation, and it has prepared the above report detailing its findings.

The panel will present its results at a meeting with the region’s electric resource planners, state energy agencies, regulatory staff, environmental groups and other interested parties. The meeting will begin at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 851 S.W. Sixth Avenue, Portland, OR 97204, Suite 200. This is the building where the Council central offices are located. Join by GoToMeeting or conference call 800-786-1922, code 53922423.

The meeting will begin with a presentation by the panel summarizing the results of its evaluation. An opportunity will also be provided at the meeting for attendees to ask questions of the panel. Following the meeting, Council staff will develop a work plan to address the panel’s recommendations and comments from regional parties.