How We Assess Generation Resources

Determining a least-cost, least-risk resource strategy

Assessing different generating resources in order to know the best options for ensuring the region's power supply is a key element of the Council's power plan. The analysis considers things like cost, construction timeline, operation and performance, and regional availability. 

The Council's generating resources advisory committee (GRAC) reviews staff cost estimates and assumptions and provides feedback. Members include representatives from utilities, the Bonneville Power Administration, state commissions, and public interest groups.

In October, the committee discussed the preliminary assumptions for utility-scale onshore wind generation and natural gas peaking technologies, among other topics. Next month, they're scheduled to cover utility-scale solar PV and the hydropower potential scoping study. Also in November, the power committee will review the analyses for rooftop solar PV, utility-scale solar PV, combined-cycle combustion turbine technologies, and the wholesale electricity price forecast. In December, the GRAC is scheduled to finalize the preliminary onshore wind and gas peaking assumptions, and discuss emerging technologies, including energy storage, small modular reactors, and engineered geothermal.

The public is welcome to participate in all of the Council's meetings posted on our website. We'll be highlighting our work in the months ahead to keep you informed of how the plan is taking shape and to invite your feedback.