Invitation to Submit Nominations to Serve on Independent Science Panels

  • October 05, 2018

The Northwest Power and Conservation Council, the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, and NOAA Fisheries invite nominations by November 9, 2018 to establish a pool of candidates who are qualified and interested in potential appointment to the Independent Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) and/or the Independent Scientific Review Panel (ISRP).

The National Academy of Sciences will evaluate the credentials of the nominees, submit additional nominees if necessary, and recommend a pool of qualified candidates for potential appointment to the ISRP and ISAB. As vacancies arise on the ISAB or ISRP, new members will be selected from this pool (see the National Academy’s October 28, 2014 memo). The Council makes final appointments to the ISRP. ISAB appointments are made by the ISAB Administrative Oversight Panel consisting of the Council chair, the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission’s executive director (on behalf of all tribes in the Columbia Basin), and the science director of NOAA Fisheries’ Northwest Fisheries Science Center (in consultation with the Northwest Regional Administrator).

The ISAB serves the Council, NOAA Fisheries, and Columbia River Indian Tribes by providing independent scientific advice and recommendations on issues related to regional fish and wildlife recovery programs under the Northwest Power Act and the Endangered Species Act. The ISAB is designed to foster a scientific approach to fish and wildlife recovery and ensure the use of sound scientific methods in the planning and implementation of research and recovery strategies related to these programs.

At the direction of Congress, the Council established the ISRP to review projects proposed for funding through the Bonneville Power Administration’s annual fish and wildlife budget, including those in federal agency budgets that are reimbursed by BPA. The projects are reviewed for their scientific merit and consistency with the program. The ISRP analyzes the information gained from the review of projects and makes recommendations to the Council.

When making nominations, we ask that you provide contact information for the nominee. If feasible, we greatly appreciate that nominators submit the resume of each nominee and a brief cover letter that describes how the nominee meets the criteria for membership specified below and confirms the candidate’s interest in becoming a member of the ISAB or the ISRP.

The specific criteria each nominee must meet include:

  • high achievement in a relevant discipline, which may include Columbia River anadromous and resident fish ecology, statistics, wildlife ecology, genetics, fisheries, fish passage/bioengineering, fish husbandry, marine ecology, geomorphology, socio-economics, or other appropriate disciplines;
  • a strong record of scientific accomplishment documented by contribution to peer-reviewed literature or other evidence of creative scientific accomplishment;
  • high standards of scientific integrity, independence, and objectivity;
  • ability to forge creative solutions to complex problems;
  • interest in and ability to work effectively in an interdisciplinary setting;
  • ability to commit sufficient time to effectively participate in review activities, approximately 12 to 40 hours per month depending on assignments (members are compensated for their services and reimbursed for travel expenses);
  • ability to comply with the ISAB/ISRP conflict of interest standards (attached) for the duration of their appointment.

Please submit your nominations by November 9, 2018 via email to or mail:

Northwest Power and Conservation Council, Attn: Erik Merrill; 851 SW 6th Avenue, Suite 1100; Portland, Oregon  97204

If you have any questions please contact Erik Merrill, ISAB and ISRP manager, at 503.222.5161 or toll free at 1.800.222.5161. For more information on the ISAB and ISRP including publications and a list of current members visit the Council’s website at:

ISAB_RP LtrSeekingNominees5Oct2018.pdf