Comment on ISRP Review of Anadromous Fish Habitat and Hatchery Projects

  • February 11, 2022

The Council invites your review and comment on the Independent Scientific Review Panel’s (ISRP) Final Report : Review of Anadromous Fish Habitat and Hatchery Projects (ISRP 2022-01).
This report provides the Independent Scientific Review Panel’s (ISRP) recommendations and comments on 122 of the 124 projects in the Anadromous Fish Habitat and Hatchery Review to implement the Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program.
Public comments on the report may be submitted to the Council through March 10, 2022. See the report page for details.
Next steps:

  • The ISRP will present their findings to the Council at the February 16, 2022, Council meeting via Webinar.
  • The Council’s Fish and Wildlife Committee will consider the project proposals, the ISRP’s report and any public comments received at the March 8, 2022, Committee meeting and make a recommendation to the full Council at that time.
  • The Council will then consider the project proposals, ISRP’s report, any public comments received and the Committee’s recommendations at the April 13, 2022, Council meeting and make final recommendations for project funding and implementation to the Bonneville Power Administration.