Bonneville Power Administration’s Potential for Achieving Energy Efficiency and Demand Response

Bonneville Dam

At the Council’s June power committee meeting, staff presented an update on the supply curves for energy efficiency and demand response they will use to help analyze the resources available to the Bonneville Power Administration in meeting its future obligations. These will be key inputs in the scenario analysis staff use to develop the Council’s 20-year regional power plan.

Energy Efficiency

Bonneville’s potential technical achievable savings are 1,937 average megawatts, with 1,500 costing less than $100 per megawatt-hour. This represents 38 percent of the region’s energy efficiency potential, which is just over 5,000 average megawatts.

Demand Response

Bonneville’s demand response potential is 1,438 megawatts during the summer and 1,099 megawatts during the winter. This represents about 40 percent of the region’s demand response potential.

The winter months represent a slightly higher percent of the region’s potential because of higher electrical heating saturation among Bonneville’s utility customers.