Council Posts Annual Report to Congress for Public Comments

  • December 15, 2021

The Council’s Draft Fiscal Year 2021 Report to Congress is now available, with public comments being accepted through Friday, March 18, 2022.

The draft report discusses the Council’s activities in 2021, including the completion of work on a draft of the 2021 Northwest Power Plan, which included four public hearings conducted by webinar, each hosted by one of the states on the Council. Like many other employers, public and private, the Council’s offices remained closed through all of 2021, and staff and Council members worked remotely.

Also in 2021, the Council launched an effort to improve monitoring and evaluation of the program consistent with the 2020 Addendum to the 2014 Program, and hosted a forum on diversity, equity, and inclusion to explore:

  1. How energy data and metrics can be used to reveal and describe inequities
  2. The importance of public engagement in the design of energy policy and programs
  3. The use of equity-assessment tools to prompt energy policy makers and energy program designers to incorporate equity considerations.

Information from the forum was incorporated in the Draft 2021 Power Plan.

Comments may be submitted by emailing