Article Issue
"Energy Edge" widened June/July 1986
1985 Draft Plan Synopsis August/September 1985
1985 fall chinook run may be one of biggest October/November 1985
A Basin in the Balance February/March 1987
A Better Dream House (five stories about energy-efficient homes that are also beautiful) July/August 1989
A Brief History of Life in Synthetic Streams (overview of Northwest's salmon & steelhead hatcheries) May/June 1989
A builder and homeowner speak out March/April 1984
A Class Act: Conservation in Cold Montana August/September 1987
A Considered Review March/April 1988
A conversation with the general May/June 1984
A Debt to the Past… An Investment in the Future April/May 1987
A dilema in common: Fish disease in the Columbia Basin March/April 1985
A fishery at the frontier of science January/February 1988
A Gathering of Authorities (reviewing the Columbia River system to redefine roles) July/August 1990
A Household Laboratory: New Study Examines Thermal Performance of Homes October/November 1986
A Map of Values: Hydropower Assessment Study Takes Shape February/March 1986
A Marriage of Past and Future (making historic buildings energy efficient) July/August 1988
A matter of trust: Canada's hydropower revenue Fall 1996
A New [fish] Crop for the Yakima Basin November/December 1987
A new plan takes shape May/June 1985
A new program in 1998 [fish and wildlife amendments] Fall 1996
A place by the river: Umatilla tribes regain wildlife-rich ancestral home September/October 1993
A Plan for all Seasons (draft action plan) September/October 1990
A Proposal for Wildlife (wildlife amendment & hearing schedule) September/October 1989
A Question of Emphasis (the draft plan's four objectives) March/April 1991
A River by Any Other Name November/December 1987
A river runs through what: Norm Thompson energy efficiency Summer 1996
A Scheme for the Streams: Studying the Subbasins June/July 1987
A Teaming of Past Adversaries (collaborating on energy conservation) September/October 1991
A threat to the big fish: Kootenai River white sturgeon endangered November/December 1992
A Wired West: an electricity system connects the West June/July 1987
About Midway Down the Power Plan Path January/February 1990
Access to power: California proposes opening power lines to consumers Fall 1994
Act now: Oregon urges action on salmon strategy May/June 1994
Action plan highlights fish and wildlife amendments July/August 1984
Advisory committees play vital role for Council March/April 1984
Aggressive conservation study to begin March/April 1983
Agreement Reached in Fisheries Feud (comprehensive agreement for harvesting and rebuilding Columbia May/June 1988
Altered States (Northwest states and utilities take different paths to energy efficiency) July/August 1989
Alumax snubs extension March/April 1984
Amazing Grace report issued March/April 1984
Amendments adopted: Goals study, Zone 2 March/April 1985
Amendments explore number of fish and wildlife issues May/June 1984
Amendments submitted for F & W plan January/February 1984
Amicus brief filed in Salmon River case November/December 1984
An Anniversary Special: Five Years with The Northwest Power Act December/January 1985
An Energy Bargain in Bend, Oregon (Inn at Seventh Mountain) May/June 1991
Applying creativity to energy efficiency cool tubes January/February 1985
Artificial Production September/October 1982
Assignable Losses: Hydropower's Responsibility June/July 1986
At a glance: 6 key fisheries goals May/June 1982
Back East to the Future (conservation in New England) September/October 1989
Back from the U.S.S.R Conservation Thaws Cold War November/December 1987
Back to Nature (hatchery-reared salmon survival) September/October 1990
Better use of the Hydropower System August/September 1985
Bettering the odds: The water budget on the Columbia May/June 1985
Beyond Reach (protected areas amendment) September/October 1988
Beyond the fortress utility [electric utility challenges] May/June 1994
Big bills, slow sales mean BPA cash squeeze December 1982
Big Sky Least Cost March/April 1991
Billing credits questioned March/April 1984
Blueprint for a Basin's Renaissance December/January 1986
Boardman, Trojan closed termporarily January/February 1983
Bonneville belt-tightening Summer 1994
Bonneville Budget Cuts Curb Conservation August/September 1986
Bonneville conservation contracts criticized July/August 1983
Bonneville holds public review of nuclear plants October/November 1986
Bonneville invites public response to proposed rate hike February/March 1987
Bonneville moves to protect WPPSS investments September/October 1984
Bonneville's Point of View December/January 1985
Born to be wild: encouraging salmon to return to the wild July/August 1992
BPA announces billing credits April 1982
BPA behind on debt payments April 1982
BPA boosts rates 60 percent September/October 1982
BPA conservation programs launched; some criticized July 1982
BPA cost proposal draws utility fire July 1982
BPA estimated rate hikes March 1982
BPA installs photovoltaic panels; seeks sun power for substation November 1982
BPA offers industrial rate relief March/April 1983
BPA rates may Jump 80% next year March 1982
BPA seeks new savings August 1982
BPA sets rate hike Pacific Intertie August 1982
BPA to hold electric motors workshop January/February 1983
BPA works for rate increase March/April 1984
Breaking ground in the Yakima Basin [hatchery] Summer 1996
Breaking with tradition: regional utility conference on conservation January/February 1992
Briefly: Formaldehyde Insulation Banned March 1982
Bright Lights Big Savings (Seattle's Lighting Design Lab) March/April 1991
Bright Lights on Broadway (1000 Broadway Building Portland, Oregon) September/October 1991
Brighter Lights and Smarter Switches (conservation in commercial buildings means better lighting sys January/February 1988
Bringing back the Yakima October/November 1985
Bringing Up the Bottom Line (conservation in the commercial sector) May/June 1988
Broad representation on Council SSAC March 1982
Brokering power for the Northwest May/June 1984
Buffalo Homes August/September 1986
Build it right the first time March/April 1984
Building a framework for recovery Winter 1997
Building Better Buildings (evaluation of energy-efficient housing) March/April 1989
Building the region's energy future May/June 1983
Building the region's energy future May/June 1983
Bypass and Transportation September/October 1982
Calendar March 1982
Calendar May/June 1982
California hails California hails potential March/April 1983
California Re-enters the Conservation Challenge May/June 1990
California standards aimed at appliance efficiency July 1982
California: what's up down there [watching CA's electricity industry] Summer 1995
Campus conservation: efficiency at colleges Spring 1995
Carving up the Catch (commercial fishing) March/April 1988
Celebrating the Fourth (Tacoma, Washington: four years after adopting the MCS) January/February 1988
Changes from the draft plan February/March 1986
Cheaper power may up yields for irrigators March/April 1984
Cheney becomes tenth" early adopter" October/November 1986
Chinese visit to window shop March/April 1984
Cities and countries get in the act January/February 1983
Citizen generators [energy conservation] July 1982
City Light proposes pilot conservation proJect December 1982
City Light's "Second Great Era" [efficiency instead of dams] March/April 1993
Coal plant permits issued; construction on hold March/April 1983
Coal plants January/February 1983
Coalition to hold meeting April 2-4 March 1982
Colbo looks at the Council's future January/February 1984
Colbo to head fish, wildlife commlttee January/February 1983
Cold water crisis: warming the Flathead River Spring 1995
Collins, Hemmingway to leave Council October/November 1985
Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Amendments October/November 1985
Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program April/May 1987
Columbia River Census (salmon & steelhead counts rise and fall like the tide) May/June 1990
Columbia River Salmon Species February/March 1987
Combustion turbines January/February 1983
Coming to grips with uncertainty May/June 1982
Comment invited on Hungry Horse Dam Wildlife Mitigation Proposal February/March 1986
Comments focus on model standards December 1982
Comments hit conservatlon targets January/February 1983
Comments sought on fish, wildlife program March 1982
Comments sought on meeting rules May/June 1982
Commissioning a fleet of new [efficient] buildings Summer 1995
Comparing Consequences (evaluating environmental effects of clectrical resources) March/April 1990
Comparing resource costs January/February 1983
Comprehending "capacity" Winter 1995
Compter Modeling and Mapping: Salmon and Steelhead Go "On-Line" April/May 1987
Congress looks at regional planning July/August 1984
Congress Reviews the Act December/January 1985
Congress urged against NW Conservation cuts April/May 1986
Conservation January/February 1983
Conservation Comes Home December/January 1986
Conservation cut 90% March 1982
Conservation Strategies for Shop-Built Houses August/September 1987
Conservation Transfers: the Northwest's next energy move (conservation trading between utilities) March/April 1989
Conservation: It still makes sense May/June 1985
Conservation: Still the Regions Best Buy November/December 1987
Conservation: The Northwest's North Slope (conservation programs in the Northwest) July/August 1989
Conservation's Vote December/January 1985
Consumer panels submit proposals to Puget Power July 1982
Cooperation as competitive strategy [among utilities] Spring 1997
Core values: Hanford Reach and salmon recovery Spring 1997
Corps Dams Flow of Fish Funds (Corps refusal to spend fish bypass funds) May/June 1988
Correction July/August 1983
Counci members call for restoring funds in BPA May/June 1985
Council adopts power plan May/June 1983
Council Adopts Power Plan Petition Process August/September 1986
Council adopts rate design proposals January/February 1983
Council Answers Model Standards Questions December/January 1985
Council considering changes in model conservation standards December/January 1986
Council considers exeptions for MCS November/December 1984
Council contractor reports available to public August 1982
Council co-sponsors regional conference March/April 1985
Council discussion paper available April 1982
Council draft plan hearings scheduled January/February 1983
Council Elects New Officers November/December 1987
Council finds for completion of WPPSS 3 January/February 1984
Council fish, wildlife program underway without lawsuits January/February 1983
Council forecast range set January/February 1983
Council frustrated at BPA inaction on fish funding July/August 1983
Council hears comments on draft fish plan November 1982
Council nominated for international environmental prize December/January 1986
Council planning schedule update September/October 1982
Council praises BPA work on two-year plan January/February 1984
Council releases Mid-Columbia staff draft August 1982
Council resolution on WPPSS 4 & 5 sponsorship April 1982
Council says no to regionalizing WPPSS 4 & 5 April 1982
Council seeks cooperation of Corps, Bureau of Reclamation May/June 1982
Council seeks input on region's economic future September/October 1984
Council seeks provisions in BPA-DSI contracts May/June 1982
Council selects fish production panel March/April 1983
Council statement on Ed Sheets severence agreement Winter 1996
Council tabloid wins award May/June 1983
Council takes action on mainstem passage April/May 1986
Council takes aim at conservation targets December 1982
Council to analyze cost -effectiveness of WPPSS plants July/August 1983
Council Townhall meetings begin April 1982
Council votes for salmon recovery January/February 1992
Council weighing surplus power for irrigators and others November 1982
Council weighs inverted rates for conservation November 1982
Council weighs potential resources December 1982
Council, gas companies settle out of court September/October 1984
Council's forecasters April 1982
Council's technical work progresses March 1982
Court Decisions on Constitutionality April/May 1986
Court overturns BPA-DSI contracts May/June 1982
Court to FERC: protect fish July/August 1984
Cowlitz signs short - term power sales pacts March/April 1983
Crossing the moat to conservation March/April 1993
Customers tell utility favored energy features October/November 1985
Cutting Cleanly Through the Wilderness: The Henry M. Jackson hydroelectric project September/October 1984
Dam aid: helping young salmon around dams November/December 1993
Dam dilemma: how to move salmon over a 30-story building Fall 1996
Debunking the death spiral May/June 1984
Developing the Forecast August/September 1985
Draft Program at a glance September/October 1982
DSI options study issued by Bonneville May/June 1985
Dulcy Mahar Interview with Al Wright (Pacific Northwest Utilities Conference Committee) November/December 1987
Dulcy Mahar Interview with Bob Duncan (chairman, Northwest Power Planning Council) April/May 1987
Dulcy Mahar Interview with Jack Donaldson August/September 1987
Dulcy Mahar Interview with Rollie Schmitten October/November 1986
Dulcy Mahar Interview with Tim Wapato (Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission) February/March 1987
Dulcy Mahar Interview with Tom Trulove (chairman, Northwest Power Planning Council) January/February 1989
Dulcy Mahar Interview: Bill Bakke (Oregon trout) July/August 1988
Dulcy Mahar Interview: Ralph Cavanagh (Natural Resources Defence Council) March/April 1988
Dulcy Mahar Interview: Sharon Nelson (Washington Utilities and Transportation Commison) September/October 1988
Eco-cops: policing habitat criminals March/April 1993
Efficiency at home July 1982
Efficiency Prevails (energy-efficient houses during last year's cold snap) January/February 1990
Ellensburg Rebounds July/August 1989
Empty net syndrome: record low salmon harvest May/June 1992
Endangered salmon? Staying ahead of the Act September/October 1990
Energy code workshops planned May/June 1983
Energy concerns aired at Council town meetIngs May/June 1982
Energy Efficiency Makes Good (Business) Sense (energy effieciency in the commercial sector) July/August 1989
Energy efficient irrigation: Hope for Northwest farmers November/December 1984
Energy expo planned July/August 1983
Energy-efficient homes for the 21st century November/December 1988
Errata May/June 1983
Evaluating Resources August/September 1985
Ex-BPA boss Hodel named energy secretary December 1982
Exploring the renewable future January/February 1983
Extended Resource Forecasts March/April 1990
Face Off: The Upriver Downriver Debate (Al Wright PNUCC and Ed Chaney) September/October 1991
Fair weather warning: too little rainfall May/June 1993
Fast Food takes an Energy Edge (energy-efficient restaurants) March/April 1988
FERC decision calls for protection for future fish runs February/March 1986
FERC's new procedure assesses dam damages May/June 1985
Ferguson, WPPSS chief, resigns December 1982
Fighting fire with fire: foresters and biomass power Summer 1995
Final energy distribution March/April 1983
Fish and Wildlife Committee September/October 1982
Fish and Wildlife Concerns December/January 1985
Fish and wildlife hearing dates May/June 1984
Fish and Wildlife Program Applications for Amendments April/May 1986
Fish and wildlife program to be amended August/September 1985
Fish and Wildlife Update December/January 1986
Fish and Wildlife Update February/March 1987
Fish and Wildlife Update August/September 1986
Fish and Wildlife Update October/November 1986
Fish Bypass Funds Begin to Flow (federal funding for bypass) March/April 1990
Fish fields: The Yakima dilema September/October 1984
Fish for the future: hatchery EIS needs work Spring 1997
Fish for the Yakima River's future Spring 1998
Fisheries agencies and Indian tribes form new team October/November 1986
Fishing for a future [record low salmon counts] Summer 1994
Fitting into the future: pulp mill finds room for power plant May/June 1994
Five years with the Northwest Power Act December/January 1985
Flexible planning key to utility's success March/April 1983
Forecasting April 1982
Forecasts, forecasts everywhere April 1982
Forgotten fish [lamprey, etc.] Summer 1995
From the Salmons Point of View August/September 1987
Fueling the Future (article by Senator Mark Hatfield) March/April 1990
Fustration in the Factory-Built Home Industry (manufactured housing) May/June 1991
Future House (high-tech homes in Montana) July/August 1989
Future Hydro September/October 1982
Generating Projects Map August/September 1986
Getting back to the old neighborhood: Nez Perce tribe Summer 1996
Getting the Edge on Building Efficiency December/January 1986
Global Warming: a Northwest perspective (overview of the global warming seminar) March/April 1989
Glossary July/August 1989
Going for the green: Salem Electric Coop becomes "all renewables" utility Summer 1996
Going with the green lights [energy efficiency] November/December 1993
Good fences, good neighbors: ranchers help with salmon habitat Winter 1996
Good news, bad news [on 1997 runs] Spring 1998
Governors convene comprehensive review [of energy] Winter 1996
Groundbreaking held for Yakima facilities November/December 1984
Hampson retires from Council January/February 1984
Happy (50th) Birthday Bonneville June/July 1987
Hatfield and governors send strong signal on salmon January/February 1993
Hazardous journey July/August 1984
Head start for salmon recovery July/August 1992
Hearings open on fish and wildlife March/April 1984
Hearings to be held on the NW Power Act May/June 1983
Heavy rains, low use bring NW hydro glut April 1982
Help for Montana Wildlife April/May 1987
Help for reservoir dwellers [resident fish and wildlife] Fall 1995
He's Howard of Howard's Grocery [energy efficiency] May/June 1988
High court to rule on BPA industrial contracts March/April 1983
High water = big surplus August 1982
Highlight on habitat March/April 1992
Highlights of Council brief January/February 1985
Highlights of the 1987 Amendments April/May 1987
Homes on the range: projects aim to improve habitat for wildlife November/December 1992
Hood River homes fully weatherized April/May 1986
Horrific Pacific: ocean warming Spring 1998
How a forecast works April 1982
How Much Change in two years? A comparison of the 1983 Power Plan and the Draft 1985 Power Plan October/November 1985
How rates are set -- federal, state & local December 1982
How the standards grew: the blueprint March/April 1984
How the standards work: the showcase March/April 1984
How WPPSS 4 & 5 stack up against coal January/February 1983
Hydro al Dente (firm hydropower without more water) July/August 1990
Idaho Council members tour possible dam site August 1982
Idaho Falls hydro contract signed April 1982
Idaho may get new hatchery March/April 1984
Idaho Power SIgns cogen pact September/October 1982
Implementation of fish, wildlife program encouraging May/June 1983
In The News: "To protect, mitigate and enhance…" April 1982
In The News: 1982 brings WPPSS tough times and some bright spots March 1982
In The News: Bonneville announces proposed rate increase March/April 1983
In the News: Bonneville's breakthough breaker May/June 1984
In the News: Changes proposed for surcharge calculation September/October 1984
In The News: Coalition pushes for aggressive conservation July 1982
In the News: Council elects Saxvik and Lee top officers October/November 1985
In the News: Council floats 'water budget' for fish August 1982
In the News: Council, Bonneville publish new policies for acquiring resources December/January 1986
In the News: Council, PUC's set special meeting November/December 1984
In the News: Court Denies Rehearing on Council's Constitutionality August/September 1986
In the News: Efficient appliances nationwide are goal of Evans' bill October/November 1986
In the News: FERC rescinds Enloe Dam license June/July 1986
In the News: Finally the region signs on September/October 1982
In the News: Getting the ball rolling January/February 1983
In the News: Governors name two to Council February/March 1986
In the News: Montana picks Brusett as new Council member January/February 1985
In the News: More communities join ranks of code adopters February/March 1987
In The News: New troubles for WPPSS May/June 1982
In the News: Northwest governors tell federal agencies they want strong Council March/April 1985
In the news: Nuclear sees one spot of good news March/April 1984
In the News: Oregon attorney eneral backs constitutionality May/June 1985
In The News: Planning for the best of times November 1982
In the News: Process questioned on BPA program for aluminum industry April/May 1986
In the News: Public comment sought on proposed amendment to model standards August/September 1985
In the News: Public input invited for F&W amendments July/August 1984
In The News: Turning conflict to cooperatlon December 1982
In The News: Two new faces join Council January/February 1984
In the News: Two new members appointed to Council February/March 1987
In The News: WPPSS defaults, Chemical Bank sues July/August 1983
Indian nation conservation November/December 1988
Industrial cogeneration January/February 1983
Industrial Contributions January/February 1990
Industry in crisis: Exploring solutions January/February 1985
Industry in crisis: Northwest aluminum companies January/February 1985
Initiative 394 struck down; ruling to be appealed July 1982
Instructions for Oral Comment at Hearings August/September 1985
Instructions for Written Comment August/September 1985
Intersection of science and policy Spring 1995
Intertie access remains region's hot issue May/June 1984
Inter-Tribe letter critical of BPA January/February 1984
Interview: Al Aldrich May/June 1992
Interview: Allan Scholz April/May 1986
Interview: Amory Lovins November/December 1992
Interview: Angus Duncan Winter 1995
Interview: Anne Edwards September/October 1993
Interview: Betsy Moler Summer 1994
Interview: Bill Wilkerson March/April 1985
Interview: BPA's Larry Dean July/August 1984
Interview: Brigadier General Pat Stevens (U.S Army Corps of Engineers) September/October 1989
Interview: Charles Collins Fall 1996
Interview: Chuck Collins (Chairman, Northwest Power Planning Council) January/February 1985
Interview: Council Chairman Bob Saxvik February/March 1986
Interview: Dan Evans [on the Northwest's energy future] March 1982
Interview: Daniel Fessler Fall 1995
Interview: Donald E. Bevan November/December 1993
Interview: Doug Sutherland July/August 1989
Interview: Elizabeth Furse Summer 1997
Interview: Elwood Patawn July/August 1992
Interview: Fred Buckman Spring 1995
Interview: Jim Goller (chairman, Northwest Power Planning Council) March/April 1991
Interview: Jim Jura June/July 1987
Interview: Joe Blum March/April 1992
Interview: John Jones November/December 1988
Interview: John Keys (Bureau of Reclamation) January/February 1990
Interview: Kai Lee (former council member) September/October 1990
Interview: Kathryn Brigham September/October 1984
Interview: Marc Sullivan March/April 1989
Interview: Mark Crisson (Tacoma City Light) July/August 1990
Interview: Mark Hatfield Winter 1997
Interview: Merrill Schultz June/July 1986
Interview: Michael Crapo Spring 1997
Interview: Morris Brusett May/June 1988
Interview: Patty Murray Spring 1998
Interview: Peter DeFazio May/June 1993
Interview: Peter Johnson (administrator, Bonnevile Power Administration) August/September 1986
Interview: Randall Hardy January/February 1992
Interview: Randy Hardy November/December 1984
Interview: Rick Williams Summer 1996
Interview: Roberta Palm Bradley March/April 1993
Interview: Stan Grace January/February 1993
Interview: Sue Hickey (Bonneville Power Administration) May/June 1991
Interview: Ted Bottiger January/February 1994
Interview: W. Lester Bryan May/June 1990
Introducing the Draft 1985 Power Plan August/September 1985
Introducing the Northwest Power Planning Council (Bio.'s) Planning Council March 1982
Inverted rates nixed in Idaho May/June 1982
Irrigation savings gain import down on the region's farms July 1982
Is the planet baking [greenhouse effect] November/December 1988
Issue paper discusses anadromous fish goals November/December 1984
It begins! A new power plan November/December 1984
It makes super good cents to build it right November/December 1984
It May be a Whole New Energy Game (acquiring new generating resources) May/June 1989
Journey of the Kings May/June 1984
Judge rules for PUDs in Merwin Dam relicensing May/June 1983
June Energy Expo comes to Northwest May/June 1985
Keeping the "public" in public power Spring 1995
Key forecasting assumptions April 1982
Kokanee on the Comeback August/September 1986
Last chance at Libby Dam May/June 1984
Law of last resort: are salmon endangered? May/June 1990
Laying the Conservation Foundation (Bonneville's resource program) March/April 1990
Learning from Los Angeles [conservation, innovation] July/August 1992
Learning from the Lemhi River Basin September/October 1993
Least-Cost Concept Catching on March/April 1991
Lessons from the Spotted Owl November/December 1991
Life Cycle of Anadromous Fish (chart) April/May 1987
Linking up to save electricity [conservation in retail chains] November/December 1991
Local government workshop planned July/August 1983
Local heroes: Northwest cities work to save energy January/February 1993
Looking Toward a New Power Plan (1989 supplement) May/June 1989
Low water conference to be held March/April 1983
Lower river coho: recovery for runs where there are few dams September/October 1993
Lowering Granite: Snake reservoir lowered in salmon experiment May/June 1992
Low-income weatherization effort launched September/October 1982
Luce report tries to solve WPPSS puzzle January/February 1984
Major Accomplishments of the First Five Years April/May 1987
Major Dams of the Columbia and Snake Rivers (map) April/May 1987
Making a river from a reservoir Spring 1997
Making the journey safer: fish & wildlife amendments November/December 1984
Making the pieces fit: A resource strategy to meet uncertainty March/April 1985
Making up for Lost Land March/April 1988
Management Coordination September/October 1982
Managing the surplus July/August 1984
Marketing interruptible energy in the Northwest January/February 1983
MCS delay would prove costly to region November/December 1984
MCS early adopter: Small city big ideas January/February 1985
Merwin Dam battlefield in relicensing fight November 1982
Mesh of complexity [on screen diversions] Summer 1994
Message clear on surcharge July/August 1984
Mid-Columbia agreement needs one more dam January/February 1985
Mid-Columbia projects pivotal to fish future May/June 1982
Mid-life crisis: BPA faces the future July/August 1993
Model conservation standards March/April 1984
Model Conservation Standards Update March/April 1990
Model Conservation Standards: Encouragement for Early Adopters June/July 1986
Model conservation standards: The Council considers a phased approach May/June 1985
Model efficiency code big saver for consumers and region November 1982
Model program 'rates' home energy efficiency January/February 1984
Model standards offer business bonanza, recent study says January/February 1985
Modeling the Columbia April/May 1986
Monitoring developments January/February 1983
Montana: welcoming back wildlife May/June 1984
Montana's uncommon collaboration June/July 1986
More belt tightening at Bonneville Spring 1998
Mueller views conservation September/October 1982
Mustering the megawatts [conservation at Fort Lewis] Fall 1994
Nailing down a housing deal May/June 1992
Natural gas: Is today's bargain tomorrow's best buy November/December 1992
Natural Production September/October 1982
Nature's Neighborhoods (wildlife projects) September/October 1991
Nearing the bottom of the dam at the top [Hungry Horse] May/June 1993
Negotiations remain tangled on sales to California January/February 1984
New advisory committees will guide new power plan November/December 1984
New Generation Generation (new technologies could give a 6,500-megawatt jolt to the Northwest) September/October 1988
New hope for their [salmon's] return January/February 1984
New hydroelectric generation January/February 1983
New Kokanee hatchery opening in Idaho June/July 1986
New life for Yakima Basin January/February 1984
New Power Plan orchestrates regional harmony February/March 1986
New powerhouse plan will save more fish May/June 1985
New Spring for Renewables September/October 1989
New twist on fish and chips January/February 1984
New voices in fisheries debate Fall 1994
No contest over Council amendment May/June 1984
Northwest economy following forecasts December/January 1986
Northwest fares well in energy awards February/March 1987
Northwest gets its own regional FERC office October/November 1985
Northwest governors concur on common problem [salmon] January/February 1994
Northwest industries: Key players, companies like Boeing rely on electricity May/June 1985
Northwest researchers work toward 'fat' fish September/October 1984
Northwest's energy system: yesterday, today, tomorrow Fall 1996
Notices: BPA billing credits policy; petition for review filed January/February 1984
Notices: BPA implementation plan available July/August 1983
Notices: Council seeks views on forecast assumptions for WPPSS town meetIngs May/June 1982
Notices: Final energy plan adoption scheduled March/April 1983
Notices: Final power plan availability May/June 1983
NRDC drafts 'model plan;' seeks comments March 1982
Nuclear Power Prospects in the Pacific Northwest January/February 1990
NW community conference to be held May/June 1982
NW Utilities offer BPA 4 renewable plants March 1982
Ocean Survival September/October 1982
Off Limits Which Streams Should be Protected November/December 1987
Oil price collapse: A Northwest impact June/July 1986
Ominous signs: poor run size estimates Winter 1995
Oregon is first [new power plant carbon dioxide standard] Summer 1997
Out of the ashes: aluminum smelters get a second chance December/January 1986
Pacific Northwest Electric Generating Projects August/September 1986
Packaging power: Out-of-region-sales May/June 1985
Pandora's basin: Yakima has more questions than answers January/February 1992
Paper fish: setting salmon fishing seasons comes down to judgment call November/December 1993
Partial eclipse of the moon: sample of conservation strategies Winter 1997
Pennies for Power (Northwest's newest electric utility: Oregon Trail Electric Consumers Cooperative) January/February 1989
PGE drops Pebble Springs N - plant May/June 1982
PGE raps BPA conservatlon efforts March 1982
PGE's short on Utilities and Public Trust March 1982
Pieces to a Power Puzzle January/February 1983
Planning for flexibility August/September 1985
Plight of the Homeless [shrinking wildlife habitat] September/October 1988
PNUCC forecasts power deficit May/June 1982
PNUCC to hold workshop September/October 1982
Point of View: Chairman Ted Hallock (chairman, Northwest Power Planning Council) November/December 1991
Point of view: John Ellis (Puget Sound Power and light company) March/April 1990
Portland building first start toward "Energy Edge" February/March 1986
Power amendments adopted by Council November/December 1984
Power Council amends model standards February/March 1987
Power Council elects new officers February/March 1987
Power from the planet: three geothermal plants proposed March/April 1992
Power Paradox in the Pacific Northwest May/June 1990
Power planning in the "new" northwest Fall 1995
Power plant called efficiency November/December 1991
Power Transmission's 1st Century January/February 1989
PP&L proposes pilot conservation program April 1982
Praise and promise: model conservation standards after five years January/February 1989
Preliminary demand forecasts released for public comment March/April 1985
Preventing lost Opportunities August/September 1985
Protected Areas Issue Open for Comment May/June 1988
Protecting habitat and property rights Fall 1995
Public comment given on goals study changes January/February 1985
Public involvement questionnaire November/December 1984
Public Pundits (advisory committees) May/June 1991
Public Utility Commissioners speak out on regional planning January/February 1985
Puget panels to consider conservation March 1982
Puget Power delays Handford N - plants May/June 1982
Puget Power pushes commercial conservation grant program July 1982
Puget Power tries to avert 'negative' credit December 1982
Puget Power, Boeing sign cogeneration agreement May/June 1982
Puget's Big Plus (Puget Sound Power & Light Company turning to conservation) July/August 1988
Puget's conservation report card March/April 1992
Pullman and Spokane County Vote for Conservation November/December 1987
Pushing the wind: The challenge of wind development east of the Rockies July/August 1992
Putting (not knocking) heads together: Yakima Watershed Council Winter 1996
Putting it all together [proposals for new energy system] Summer 1996
Ratepayer candidates win PUD seats December 1982
Recipes for salmon recovery July/August 1993
Reclaiming a lost natural heritage September/October 1982
Reconstructing the River Basin Puzzle (31 subbasin plans) January/February 1989
Region rich in resources May/June 1984
Regional planning bill gets mixed support September/October 1984
Regional Roundup: Joint Effort Saves Salmon and Steelhead (Lyons Ferry Hatchery Washington) September/October 1991
Regional Roundup: Montana Demonstrates New Coal Technology (plant near Colstrip, Montana) May/June 1991
Regionwide applications pour in for model homes May/June 1984
Regulating the Returns February/March 1987
Regulations Maddening Maze (regulatory practices) May/June 1989
Remote possibilities: Idaho Power offers long-distance customers solar energy July/August 1993
Renewable renaissance November 1982
Reservoir rule [Libby and Hungry Horse reservoir levels] Summer 1997
Resident Fish September/October 1982
Resisting Radon February/March 1987
Restoring the resource: Assessing fish losses-setting goals May/June 1985
Rethinking resources: New developments in regional power plan May/June 1985
Reviving the Yakima Fish Runs August/September 1986
Reworking the Program June/July 1986
Roll on, Columbia April 1982
Roundtabling conservation around the region May/June 1984
Ruling the River May/June 1988
Sacramento Basin blues January/February 1993
Safeguards for Spring and Summer Migrants (safeguards for salmon journeys) May/June 1989
Salmon & Steelhead Losses: Counting Backward October/November 1985
Salmon Corps: Indian youths working on behalf of salmon Winter 1995
Salmon pirates: poaching cuts run sizes January/February 1992
Salmon rescue: Council approves $18 million for depleted runs November/December 1991
Salmon River Basin hydro permits overturned October/November 1986
Salmon sleuths [fish research] November/December 1988
Salmon Solution (Rollie Schmitten's National Marine Fisheries Service remarks at Council meeting) September/October 1991
Salvaging the Salmon River (repairing habitat in Idaho's Salmon River Subbasin) September/October 1989
Saving the Salmon: Converging Efforts (program amendments; salmon summit; system overview) March/April 1991
Scheduling Resources August/September 1985
Screens, beds improved at Yakima Basin dam May/June 1985
Seattle's code new approach to MCS October/November 1985
Securing the Last Reach (Hanford Reach) July/August 1988
Sell or spill: marketing seasonal non-firm energy July/August 1983
Selling home conservation July 1982
Selling Super Good Cents January/February 1988
Senator Mark Hatfield Speaks at "Power for the West" May/June 1989
Shaping a New Power Plan (resource portfolio & acton plan) July/August 1990
Sharing the watershed: Grande Ronde plan Fall 1994
Sheraton's shining example (Sheraton Tacoma Hotel) March/April 1991
Shipping power South July/August 1983
Since you ask…wish list for the new power plan March/April 1985
Sizing the Surplus March/April 1988
Small hydro earns money for Oregon couple July 1982
Small town strikes a geothermal gold mine November 1982
Smoothing out the ride to tomorrow: next Northwest Power Plan Summer 1994
Solar access workshop to be held July/August 1983
Solar conference planned July/August 1983
Solution to the resource puzzle? November 1982
Some progress at Bonneville II August/September 1987
Speaking out on fish and wildlife September/October 1984
Spokane's Monroe Street Dam is Retooled May/June 1991
Spotlight on Ashland [energy and conservation programs] June/July 1987
Squaring Off on the System Plan: no consensus emerging from salmon planning March/April 1991
Stanwood is second to adopt standards November/December 1984
Stay Update!'d on the Council December/January 1986
Straight talk at the round table [appraising fish programs] September/October 1988
Strategies for freshwater fish and wildlife January/February 1994
Streamside stewards: Working to improve fish habitats January/February 1985
Stretching the river: making the most of hydropower November/December 1988
Student Energy Savers (WSEO works with architecture classes) July/August 1990
Study compares homes for indoor air quality October/November 1985
Substitutions for Stopped Fish October/November 1985
Suits filed against Northwest power plan July/August 1983
Summary of Losses Report April/May 1986
Super cents-able: Snohomish County August/September 1986
Super Good Cents Celebration April/May 1987
Super Good Cents signs 33 utilities to operate program March/April 1985
Supplement to the 1986 Power Plan March/April 1988
Supreme Court declines rehearing on Council's constitutionality February/March 1987
Surplus August 1982
Surveying the Range of Uncertainty (technical update of the 1986 plan) July/August 1988
Symposium on NW Power Act planned December 1982
T.V.A. weighs mothballing 3 N-Plants March 1982
Tackling the Tucannon March/April 1992
Tackling the unknown: ocean has clues about salmon survival May/June 1994
Tacoma adopts new standards for conservation January/February 1984
Tacoma Pioneer in conservation July/August 1984
Tacoma: Confessions of an early adopter March/April 1985
Tail Fin Thinking (decoupling profits from sales of electricity) May/June 1991
Taking a byte: cutting energy and water use in electronics industry Winter 1996
Taking a Reading on Renewables (solar, geothermal & wind resource) July/August 1990
Taking the long view on the economy [re: power plan] Winter 1995
Tapping Commercial Conservation March/April 1991
Tenaska [new gas-fired power plant] September/October 1993
Tentative resolve reached in Alumax suit May/June 1982
The "Pimby" future: power in my backyard November/December 1993
The Action Plan August/September 1985
The Affordable Home May/June 1988
The art of forecasting: Guideposts not predictions January/February 1985
The Basins Below Bonneville January/February 1990
The big picture: fish and wildlife proposals embrace basin as a system May/June 1993
The Big Question: Can the salmon be saved? (salmon summit & endangered species lisitng) May/June 1991
The Billion-Dollar Question: energy demand and direct service industries March/April 1990
The county that came in from the cold: Hood River conservation project June/July 1987
The Direct Service Industries December/January 1985
The Feedback Factor January/February 1988
The Gene Counters: keeping inventory of genetic traits September/October 1991
The Goals Process October/November 1985
The Goals Process Update December/January 1985
The Goals Process Update February/March 1986
The Goals Process Update April/May 1986
The Goals Process Update June/July 1986
The great electric rate shock December 1982
The Greatest Goals Study October/November 1985
The Intertie Issue (brief history of Pacific Northwest/ Pacific Southwest Intertie) March/April 1988
The intertie: A Northwest priority September/October 1984
The learning curve: Builders report on regionwide training program March/April 1985
The life of a salmon in the Columbia River Basin June/July 1986
The Mobile Home Comes of Age August/September 1987
The Model Conservation Standards: An Historical Overview July/August 1989
The new American dream July/August 1984
The Other Anadromous Fish (sturgeon) March/April 1989
The Pacific Intertie July/August 1983
The Pacific Intertie August 1982
The Pacific Northwest Fish Health Protection Committee March/April 1985
The People Speak (commentors on the draft power plan) May/June 1991
The people speak [on the Council's draft energy plan] March/April 1983
The Plan January/February 1983
The Power Plant Called Efficiency (acquiring 1,500 megawatts of conservation) November/December 1991
The region's fish and wildlife project selection process Summer 1997
The Resource Portfolio: Getting the Best Deal for the Region January/February 1989
The seasons of salmon: Idaho tribe works to rebuild runs Fall 1994
The State of the Region Tomorrow (forecast of the Northwest's future & the power plan it plugs into) March/April 1989
The Swedish Solution August/September 1987
The System of Life Support (saving Idaho's sockeye) September/October 1991
The Times & Turmoil of the Tennessee Valley Authority August 1982
The Utilities Understanding December/January 1985
The Western Connection April/May 1986
The WPPSS debate: taking a closer look December/January 1986
Thermabilt home opens to rave reviews September/October 1984
This plan calls for action February/March 1986
Three changes proposed for NW power plan July/August 1984
Three committees aid in setting fish goals May/June 1985
Three new localities adopt model standards March/April 1985
Three Regional Dichotomies: A Conversation with Chuck Collins October/November 1985
TIe-line expansion moving ahead at Bonneville Power October/November 1986
Tigh & all right: Indoor air quality in energy-efficient homes March/April 1985
Time runs out for Trojan January/February 1993
Tips for spotting the energy efficient home September/October 1984
To Market, To Market: Selling the Power Surplus August/September 1987
To save the salmon May/June 1982
Tomorrow's Northwest begins today Winter 1996
Too much to carry on: tight fish and wildlife budget Fall 1995
Townhall meetings announced announced March 1982
Tracing the Path of Power Sales February/March 1987
Tracking the Conservation Acquisition Task Force January/February 1992
Tracking Wildlife Mitigation (wildlife debate takes different paths) March/April 1989
Trading power: Interregional cooperation May/June 1985
Treatment of WNP-I and 3 February/March 1986
Tributary Flows September/October 1982
Tri-Cities group chides Council for SSAC members March 1982
Trusting in money: Montana's trust fund for wildlife Winter 1995
Turning off the juice August 1982
Turning Waste into Energy (Energy Products of Idaho EPI Coeur d'Alene, Idaho) September/October 1991
TVA conservation programs August 1982
Two amendments affect regional power plan September/October 1984
Two committees formed to advise Council December/January 1986
Two nations, one habitat: salmon loss in upper Columbia River Basin January/February 1994
Two new task forces look at conservation March/April 1985
Two-nation salmon pact ratified by U.S. Senate March/April 1985
U.S. - Canada treaty: New hope for pacific salmon January/February 1985
U.S. v Oregon: Building a Better Harvest October/November 1986
Umatilla's new fish: tribe settles dispute and celebrates salmon May/June 1992
Uncle Salmon Wants You! September/October 1989
Uncle Salmon Wants You! (volunteer work in protected areas) September/October 1989
Unconventional energy strategy [British Columbia's Energy Council] Summer 1994
Unfinished business: Washington's mothballed nuclear plants 1 & 3 March/April 1985
Unique bond sale funds utility conservation October/November 1985
Upcoming issue papers September/October 1982
Upstream September/October 1982
Utilities face the future May/June 1993
Utilities Learn the Least-cost Lesson (conservation is most practical resource) May/June 1990
Views mixed on proposal for exchange rates March/April 1984
Voices of the Northwest December/January 1986
Wanted: A good crystal ball [on energy forecasting] April 1982
Washington bill affects Council March/April 1984
Washington solar conference held November 1982
Washington: first in region for model home groundbreaking May/June 1984
Washington's Collins elected new chairman November/December 1984
Water Budget September/October 1982
Water budget promises hope for migrating fish January/February 1984
Water for salmon, land for ranchers Winter 1997
Water marketing: promise or peril Summer 1995
Watershed down: working top-down on watershed conservation May/June 1992
Watershed recovery in the Hood River Spring 1998
Weaving a healthy return August/September 1986
Weighing needs: Building a plan to work for both public and private power May/June 1985
Weighing the new surplus August 1982
Western Lights November/December 1987
Western Montanans favor efficient homes February/March 1986
Westin gets it right: energy-efficient hotels Fall 1995
What do do before the lights go out [regional power planning] January/February 1992
What do you think about conservation? July 1982
What happens next adoption March/April 1984
What is the Northwest Power Planning Council March 1982
What the States Wanted (cont.) Mueller Recalls Working the Bill December/January 1985
What the States Wanted: A Hemmingway Retrospective December/January 1985
What to do When the River Runs Dry August/September 1987
What's different about the forecast? March/April 1985
What's next for endangered fish Fall 1995
When the elephant's gone: PGE adjusts to life without Trojan July/August 1993
Where flows the controversy: does faster water help salmon May/June 1994
Where salmon are clients, not products Summer 1997
Where the environment is the economy [coastwide salmon recovery] March/April 1993
Where to Turn for more information July/August 1989
Who's conserving? Virtually Everyone! January/February 1988
Who's first: prioritizing fish and widlife projects Fall 1996
Wildlife September/October 1982
Will coal ride the region's resource rails January/February 1990
Will Coal Ride the Regions Resource Rails? (coal in the resource portfolio) January/February 1990
Wind thrift: bringing wind power closer to Northwest grid Summer 1994
Wise use for Western water November/December 1988
Working out the water budget June/July 1987
Workshops focus on key energy Issues November 1982
WPPSS 2 by any other name May/June 1984
WPPSS 3 legislation proves controversial July/August 1983
WPPSS faces potential default May/June 1983
WPPSS holds lessons according to authors July/August 1984
WPPSS plant 3 faces uncertain future January/February 1983
Yakima Basin September/October 1982
Year-End Report October/November 1986
Yesterday's homes meet tomorrows technology March/April 1984
Zone 2 energy budget revised for MCS January/February 1985