Rec. 20 - Allan Vernon: Minor

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The Pacific Northwest Power Planning Council, Do they know what they are doing? How many American Company's are going to go broke. Due to the lack of electricity, or the increased costs of electric rates due to miss management. NO POWER, NO WORK, GET IT YET! AMERICA LIKES TO WORK!

A water wall fish fence installed along both sides of the Columbia River. At the desired distance away from the bank's edge. Water flowing through it. With the muddy bottom cleaned up along the area between the water wall and the riverbank's edge. With a river rock bottom. With stair step salmon spawning beds installed the entire length of the Columbia, one section at a time. Incorporate the pressurized water wall design with the spawning bed design and you've got water current flowing through the spawning beds. Fisheries Biologists can control the amount of nutrient flow in the water. By adding it into the piping system. The lowest low water drought conditions, Below Bonneville Dam. Show the dried out river bottom sections. Remove this rock to a depth where 16 to 18 feet of water flow over these areas. Even during drought years. Re-gravel the bottom add in some stair step spawning beds. Fisheries Biologists managing fish production in the river system. Wouldn't it be great to be able to fish for millions of wild fish? Instead of being afraid to fish for hatchery fish. For fear of potentially being responsible for accidentally mortally hooking a fish that causes the end of a wild fish run.

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Allan Vernon: Minor