Rec. 08 - National Marine Fisheries Service

June 15, 2001

Dear Mr. Walker:

The National Marine Fisheries Service recommends that the Northwest Power Planning Council (Council) explicitly recognizes the connection between the Federal Columbia River Power System (FCRPS) and the Columbia River estuary and associated plume when amending a Mainstem Plan into the Fish and Wildlife Program. We understand that the Council currently considers the Estuary Province to terminate at the mouth of the river. It has become increasingly clear that the construction and operation of the FCRPS has had profound effects on the physical and biological integrity of Columbia River estuary and plume, including the ability to support anadromous fish (both listed and unlisted). Formally recognizing this connection would serve to focus increased attention on this important habitat and foster the ecosystem approach that is critical to rebuilding salmonid resources of the Columbia River basin.

Please contact Dr. Michael Schiewe at 206-860-3270 if you need further information.


Brian J. Brown
Assistant Regional Administrator
Hydro Program