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The Management Plan sections (and supplements, where they exist) were formally adopted into the Fish and Wildlife Program.

PDF formats
4.6m   Entire plan except Appendices
800kManagement Plan Addendum (Dec 2004)
630k   Addendum Appendix 1. EDT results
110k   Addendum Appendix 2. Public comments
5.7m   Addendum Appendix 3. RM&E
720k   Addendum Appendix 4. Bull trout species report
60k   Addendum Appendix 5. Spring chinook outplanting
140k   Addendum Appendix 6. Fall 2004 revision process schedule
30kAppendices Cover Page
50kA. Public Involvement Plan
2mB. Subbasin Assessment - General Components
710kC. Aquatic Assessment
40kD. Out of Basin Survival Effects - EDT Analysis
40kE. Species of Interest
17mF. Wildlife Assessment, also in parts:
5m   Part I
4m   Part II
5m   Part III
340kG. Level 2 Diagnostics & Project Inventory
370kH. Blue Mountain Elk Plan
20kI. Land Acquisition
190kJ. Objectives Analysis
1mK. Terrestrial Management Plan
400kL. Terrestrial RM&E
260kM. Aquatic RM&E - CTUIR
50kN. Aquatic RM&E - WDFW
 Letters of Support
330kWRIA 32 Planning Unit, May 10, 2004
930kGardena Farms Irrigation District #13, May 13, 2004
280kWalla Walla County Board of Commissioners, May 17, 2004
560kColumbia County Board of Commissioners, May 17, 2004
690kWalla Walla Basin Watershed Council, May 21, 2004
260kODFW, May 24, 2004
1.4mWDFW, May 26, 2004
5.5mCTUIR, May 27, 2004
260kColumbia Conservation District, Date unknown
130kSnake River Salmon Recovery Board, May 28, 2004