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The Management Plan sections (and supplements, where they exist) were formally adopted into the Fish and Wildlife Program.

PDF formats 
7m Entire Plan except Appendices
120k Cover
Executive Summary
6.2m  3.6mAssessment
240k Inventory
200k Management Plan
140k References
40k A. Salmonid Viability Criteria
B. Bull Trout Criteria
C. Oregon Chub Criteria
1.3m D. Terrestrial Technical Appendix
  E. Fish Distribution Maps
4.8m     1. Salmon Distribution 1
5.4m     2. Salmon Distribution 2
5.3m     3. Steelhead Distribution 1
3.7m     4. Steelhead Distribution 2
3.1m     5. Bull Trout Distribution
  F. Terrestrial Wildlife Range Maps
3.4m     Woodpecker
3.7m     Green Heron (duplicate?)
3m     Townsend's Big-Eared Bat
  G. Fish Barrier Maps
10m     1. Salmon Barriers
8m     2. Steelhead Barriers
2.7m     3. Bull trout Barriers
  H. Subbasin Overview Maps
4.9m     1. Base Maps
5.3m     2. More Base Maps
780k I. Reach Break Maps
280k J. EDT Assessment - Lower Willamette
K. EDT Assessment - McKenzie
490k L. State Federal Inventory
70k M. Existing Conservation
100k N. Local Inventory
100k O. Lower Willamette Inventory
870k P. EDT Assessment - Clackamas
740k Q. Indicators for Oregon Plan
1.8m R. Conservation Area Overlay Map