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The Management Plan sections (and supplements, where they exist) were formally adopted into the Fish and Wildlife Program.

PDF formats 
3.3m  220kFront Cover
390k Title Page
Executive Summary
1.1m Subbasin Overview
5m Inventory
1.3m Management Plan
1.3m Management Plan Supplement (Dec 2004)
200k References (added Nov 2008)
50k A. Assessment Tools
100k B. Rare Plants
2m C. IBIS Habitat Types
110k D. Common and Scientific Names
400k E. Wildlife Species
150k F. Wildlife Salmonid Relationships
630k G. Wildlife Inventory Tables
360k H. Fish Passage
6.4m I. Interim Strategy for Stock Recovery and Project Prioritization
520k J. Yakima/Klickitat Fisheries Project
[offline]K. Inventory Database
200k L. Inventory of Existing Activities
20k Minority Opinion
230k Public comments and responses

Last update: 11/17/2004 - Corrected "Fast, et al" citation on p149 of Assessment