Wholesale Electricity Market Price and Avoided Emission Rates Forecasts
(April 2023)

The Council’s annual market study provides a forecast of Mid-C market prices, avoided emissions rates and information on the associated fundamentals.  

Primary contact: John Ollis


Pacific Northwest Power Supply Adequacy Assessment (February 2023)

The council produces this assessment about annually on a regular cadence. It is also included as a part of the Power Plan when it is produced about every five years.

Primary contact: Dor Hirsh Bar Gai



Fuels Forecasts

Primary Contact: Steve Simmons and Tomás Morrissey

Also see the Fuels Advisory Committee and 2021 Power Plan fuels information

Electric Vehicles Forecast

Primary Contact: Steve Simmons 

Will be added soon. See also the 2021 Power Plan

Older: Transportation & Behind-the-Meter Solar Forecast (2021)

The Power Plan

The Northwest Power Act requires the Council to develop a plan to ensure an adequate, efficient, economical, and reliable power supply for the region. Working with regional partners and the public, the Council evaluates energy resources and their costs, electricity demand, and new technologies to determine a resource strategy for the region.

The Council publishes a power plan about every five years.

Forecasts and other info used to develop the The 2021 NW Power Plan (2022)

Need direction to other information? Wish to schedule a meeting with staff to discuss these forecasts? Reach out to Chad Madron, Senior Division Coordinator.