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The program includes qualitative goal statements and quantitative objectives to prioritize the work.

The qualitative goal statements describe the changes needed to achieve the program’s basinwide vision. Progress in achieving these qualitative goal statements is measured using quantitative objectives.

How progress is monitored and evaluated is described in the adaptive management strategy. It’s also reported using fish and wildlife indicators on the subbasin dashboard and the high-level indicators in the program’s High-Level Indicator report. These program-level goals and objectives also provide guidance for subbasin-level and other goals and objectives.

Achieving these quantitative objectives depends on the coordinated actions of many parties.

Consult the program for details on: existing program goals and objectives and guidance for refining program objectives

Other anadromous and resident fish objectives:

  • Staff work on compiling existing objectives occurred during fall/winter 2017 and work with our partners to refine these objectives and how best to display these will take place during 2018.
  • Species will include bull trout, Pacific lamprey, white sturgeon, cutthroat trout, and redband trout as these are currently track on the Council's indicator graphics (see HLI and Fish Information sites)


  •  Objectives for 9-fish species
    • White sturgeon, Pacific lamprey, eulachon, bull trout, cutthroat trout, redband trout, and kokanee. Burbot and Oregon chub were added per managers' request.
    • February 5, 2018 remote meeting agenda, conference call/go-to-meeting information, and additional information posted after the meeting (notes, material).
    • October 1 2018
      • Revised document list per managers’ February-May 2018 input: List of all documents
      • The list of goals and objectives will be updated as needed over-time, the latest revised list will be available starting end of November 2018 using the online objectives query tool available on the Resource Tools and Maps webpage.  

Ecosystem function, habitat, and hydrosystem objectives:

  • Regional habitat indicator project (RHIP) led by PNAMP that supports the 2014 Program task
      • Council staff led meetings about the RHIP (agendas, meeting minutes, etc) are found in the Upcoming and Past meetings sections below.
      • RHIP project overview and material are available on the PNAMP site.

Salmon and Steelhead Objectives Mapping Tool - compilation task of existing goals and objectives:

  • Task: Council staff has collaboratively compiled existing natural origin salmon and steelhead abundance objectives from Columbia River Basin documents. Council staff has relied extensively on state fish and wildlife agencies, tribes, NOAA-Fisheries and other partners for completing this task and continues to rely on these experts to ensure content accuracy. A mapping and query tool have been developed to facilitate viewing and accessing the compilation of existing objective values (view Objectives Mapping and Query Tool).
  • Purpose: This work serves to inform future Program amendments and facilitates access to this information by fish managers, interested stakeholders, and regional efforts. This task and associated mapping and query tools serve to inform the region about existing objectives. The objectives compiled in this tool are a mixture of program-adopted (e.g. objectives from subbasin plans) and non-program objectives  (learn more about the relationship of this work to the Council's Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program).
  • Process: Display and organization of the content to facilitate viewing compilation of existing objectives is an on-going effort to continuously improve the tool and update the content as revised objectives become available. Learn about the process to keep the content current (Report Corrections).
  • Tools: Mapping Tool for Natural Origin Salmon and Steelhead Adult Abundance Quantitative Objectives - version year 2016.  
    • Mapping tool of quantitative objectives (launch date: February 14, 2017)
    • Query Tool of quantitative objectives (launch  date: February 14, 2017 )
    • Please note that existing qualitative objectives were not revised from the 2015 version. View archived mapping tool information: View Archived Excel and PDF files of December 2015 Access database (archived)

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2017 salmon & steelhead objectives demo tools and content for manager review


Dec 2015 version Salmon and Steelhead Mapper Tool (archived)