The Council held an ocean and plume workshop on February 14, 2013 in Portland, Oregon. See the agenda.

Objectives of the workshop

  • Prepare for the upcoming 2013-14 Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program amendment process.
  • Discuss 2009 Program references to ocean work, identify priorities for ocean and plume research and reporting and discuss potential updates.
  • Integrate ocean and plume science with natural resource management in the Columbia River.

The emphasis of the discussion will be on working to understand how ocean research information can be integrated with management decisions in freshwater.

Notes from the workshop

Review of The Council’s 2009 Columbia River Basin Fish Program’s Ocean Strategy & the Council’s Research Plan, upcoming Program Amendment processJim Ruff, Patty O’Toole,Council staff
ISAB’s Program Review Recommendations for Ocean strategiesKate Myers, ISAB
Overview of Ocean ProgramKym Jacobson, NOAA-NWFSC
Managing to timing, thresholds and change – a view from estuarine and plume physicsAntonio Baptista, OHSU
Predator-prey interactions of salmon in the plume and near-shore ocean: implications for density dependenceRichard Brodeur, NOAA-NWFSC
Marine growth of hatchery Chinook salmonBrian Beckman, NOAA-NWFSC
Examples of management applications that include ocean componentsRich Zabel, NOAA-NWFSC
Ocean Indicators – current knowledge and future directionsBrian Burke-NOAA-NWFSC
Emerging ocean issuesJan Newton, U of W