Ocean and Plume Science and Management Forum

October 26, 2017  |  add to Google calendar or Outlook/other

851 SW 6th Ave., Suite 1100
Portland, OR (map)

Ocean and Plume Science and Management Forum

Meeting and Conference Call

 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM

GoToMeeting and conference call: 800-356-8278, code 186685

Draft Agenda (10/03/17)

  1. Welcome and introductions (10 min)
  2. Check-in on Forum progress & future (10 min)
  3. Recap of last meeting, approve draft notes from last meeting (5 min)
  4. Update on any Fish and Wildlife Program related happenings (15 min)
    • Remembrances
    • Update from Bonneville, perspective on ocean program
  5. Density dependence in the Columbia River Estuary
    • Update on availability of habitat, status of habitat restoration and protection in the estuary (20 min, Catherine Corbett, LCEP)
    • Update on the potential to evaluate density dependence in the estuary and challenges (20 min, Brian Burke, Laurie Weitkamp, NWFSC)
    • Discussion (20 min)

Lunch on your own

  1. Environmental status and trends in the Columbia River plume and nearshore ocean & estuary:
    • Update on ocean indicators for 2017 (20 min, Brian Burke, NWFSC)
    • Potential indicators of habitat and water quality in the lower Columbia River (20 min, Joe Needoba, OHSU)
    • Discussion (20 min)
  2. Use of status and trend information:
    • Run size forecasts of natural coho populations for Washington State tributaries of the Lower Columbia River (20 min, Mara Zimmerman, WDFW)
    • Perspectives on Columbia River Chum (10 min, Todd Hilson, WDFW)
    • Perspectives from IDFG (10 min, Tim Copeland, IDFG)
    • Discussion (30 min)
  3. Wrap up: summary, future events