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Tuesday, October 15

Power Committee – 8:30am Pacific time – Hoh Room

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  • Update on Progress of GENESYS Redevelopment (45 min), JO, JF, DH
  • Review State Clean Energy Policies and Impact on 2021 Plan Analysis, GC (30 min)
  • Further Detail on Load Forecast (45 min), BK, SS
  • Solar, Battery Storage, and Solar + Battery Storage Reference Plants, MS (60 min)

Fish and Wildlife Committee – 9am Pacific time – Nooksack Room

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  • Discussion of upcoming Resident Fish and Sturgeon project Review
  • Yakima Basin Integrated Plan: Urban Eberhart, Manager, Kittitas Reclamation District, Wendy McDermott, Director, Puget Sound and Columbia Basin, American Rivers, Michael Garrity, WDFW Columbia River/Water Policy Manager
  • Aquatic invasive species early detection monitoring and mapping in Washington state: Jesse Schultz, WDFW and Justin Bush, WA Invasive Species Council
  • Overview of Northwest Fisheries Science Center Research Programs: Mike Ford

Council Meeting – 1:30pm Pacific time – Nooksack Room  

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    1:30 – 1:45pmReports from Fish and Wildlife, Power and Public Affairs committee chairs: Guy Norman, chair, fish and wildlife committee; Richard Devlin, chair, power committee; and Jeffery Allen, chair, public affairs committee.
1.1:45 – 2:30pmPresentation by the Orca Task Force: Dr. Les Purce and Stephanie Solien, Co-Chairs of the ORCA Task Force.
2.   2:30 – 3:15pmBriefing on water resources in the Pacific Northwest as Related to Marine Heat Waves, El Nino, and Climate Change: Dr. Nick Bond, Washington State Climatologist.
 3:15- 3:30pmBreak
3.3:30 – 4pmTacoma Power Update: Chris Robinson, Power Superintendent, Tacoma Power.
4.4 – 4:30pmBriefing on methodology for quantifying the environmental costs and benefits of new resources for the 2021 Power Plan: Gillian Charles, energy policy analyst; and John Shurts, general counsel.

The Council will hold a public hearing on the proposed amendments to the Fish and Wildlife Program on Tuesday, October 15, from 5:00pm to 6:30pm in the Nooksack Room.

Wednesday, October 16

Continuation of Council Meeting, 8:30am Nooksack Room

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5.   8:30 – 9amSeattle City Light Update: Debra Smith, General Manager, Seattle City Light.
6.9 – 9:45amCouncil decision on 2020 Regional Technical Forum Work Plan and Budget, Charter, and new PAC Member Nominations, Jennifer Light, manager, RTF.
 9:45 – 10amBreak
7. 10 – 10:45amUpdate on key Environmental Protection Agency  activities in the Columbia River Basin:  Chris Hladick, Regional Administrator, US EPA Region 10.
8.10:45 – 11:15amBriefing on regional energy future from an independent power producer perspective: Orijit Ghoshal, Invenergy.
9.11:15amCouncil Business:
  • Approval of minutes of September 2019 Council Meeting
  • Approval of OMBU Contract for Fiscal Year 2020: Mark Walker
  • Approval of comments on DOE Proposed Determination on General Service Lighting: Kevin Smit
  • Approval of Letter of Support for Conservation Transfer Agreement between Bonneville and Southern California Edison
  Public comment on the proposed amendments to the Fish and Wildlife Program
  Public comment on any issue before the Council