Ocean and Plume Science and Management Forum

Meeting and Conference Call

 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM

GoToMeeting and conference call: 800-356-8278, code 186685

Agenda (10/19/17)


  1. Welcome and introductions (10 min)
  2. Check-in on Forum progress & future (10 min)
  3. Recap of last meeting, approve draft notes from last meeting (5 min)
  4. Update on any Fish and Wildlife Program related happenings (15 min)
  5. Density dependence in the Columbia River Estuary
    • Update on availability of habitat, status of habitat restoration and protection in the estuary (20 min, Catherine Corbett, LCEP)
    • Update on the potential to evaluate density dependence in the estuary and challenges (20 min)
      • Density Dependence, a data (and thought) exploration, Brian Burke (NWFSC)
      • Practical consideration for detecting density dependence in the Columbia River estuary, Laurie Weitkamp, NWFSC)
    • Discussion (20 min)

Lunch on your own

  1. Environmental status and trends in the Columbia River plume and nearshore ocean & estuary:
    • Update on ocean indicators for 2017 (20 min, Brian Burke, NWFSC)
    • Potential indicators of habitat and water quality in the lower Columbia River (20 min, Joe Needoba, OHSU)
    • Discussion (20 min)
      • Break
  2. Use of status and trend information:
    • Run size forecasts of natural coho populations for Washington State tributaries of the Lower Columbia River (20 min, Mara Zimmerman, WDFW)
    • Perspectives on Columbia River Chum (10 min, Todd Hilson, WDFW)
    • Perspectives from IDFG (10 min, Tim Copeland, IDFG)
    • Discussion (30 min)
  3. Wrap up: summary, future events