851 SW Sixth Avenue
Portland, Oregon (map)

Meeting Minutes

10:00 AM Welcome and Introduction - Agenda
Ken Corum and Lisa Schwartz
10:15 AM Management of a Portfolio of DR Resources to Provide Regulation Service 
Ron Dizy, ENBALA Power Networks, Inc.
>> Presentation (5mb PowerPoint)
11:00 AM Getting More from DR in the Northwest: Non-wires Solutions and Other Benefits
Snuller Price, Energy + Environmental Economics (E3)
>> Presentation (3mb PowerPoint)
11:45 AM Lunch
12:20 PM BPA's Tiered Rate Methodology (TRM) and Demand Price Signals
Geoff Carr, Northwest Requirements Utilities
>> Presentation (300k PDF)
12:40 PM Peak Capacity Cost and the Implications for Demand Response: Tacoma Power's Experience
Bill Dickens, Tacoma Power
>> Presentation (2mb PowerPoint)
1:00 PM Realizing DR in California: Enhancing Industry's Relationship with the Electric Grid
Aimee McKane and Sasank Goli, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Industrial Sector Demand Response
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1:45 PM Break
  DR Rates and Programs at California IOUs (rescheduled for later PNDRP meeting TBD)
Mark Martinez, Southern California Edison
2:00 PM Pilot Program - Nippon Paper as a Source of Ancillary Services
Phil Lusk, City of Port Angeles Electric Utility 
>> Presentation (12mb PowerPoint)
2:30 PM Update of BPA's DR Programs and Planning 
Lee Hall, Bonneville Power Administration
>> YouTube Video on Port Angeles Demand Response Pilot
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3:00 PM Topics of Interest for Future PNDRP Meetings 
Lisa Schwartz and Ken Corum
>> Potential topics (20k Word)
3:30 PM Adjourn