1.Welcome and Introductions - Tom Karier and Steve Wright, Co-Chairs
2.Update on Pacific Northwest Wind Energy Development - Jeff King
>> Presentation
3.Action Plan Status Report – Elliot Mainzer
4.Steering Committee Member Comments
5.Panel: Improvements in Grid Operation
6.Panel: Augmentation of Flexibility
  • BPA flexibility augmentation work – Elliot Mainzer
  • Other flexibility augmentation efforts (PGE, NorthWestern, Others)
7.Panel: Transmission Planning and Expansion
  • WECC Interconnection-based transmission plans (TEPPC) – Tom Schneider
    >> Presentation
  • Western Renewable Energy Zones work (WREZ) – Tom Schneider
  • BPA transmission expansion activities – Brian Silverstein
    >> Presentation
  • Transmission expansion activities of others (PacifiCorp, NorthWestern, Idacorp, Others)
8.Further Efforts and Priorities - Elliot Mainzer, Jeff King, Comments from the Committee
9.Next Steps - Walt Pollock