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The Management Plan sections (and supplements, where they exist) were formally adopted into the Fish and Wildlife Program.

PDF formats
14m 7.9mEntire plan except Appendices
130k 1. Executive Summary
40k 2. Introduction
  3. Assessment
10k    Table of Contents
4.5m  2m   Section 3.0 -
3.4m2.4m     Section 3.2.4 - 3.3
3.4m820k   Section 3.4
450k    Section 3.5
150k    Section 3.6
110k    Literature Cited
275k 4. Inventory
1.1m 5. Management Plan
10k Acronyms
4.4mAll Appendices
10k Table of Contents
50k A. Wildlife Species
90k B. Data on Focal Species
480k C. Terrestrial Focal Species
150k D. Focal Species Habitats
920k E. EDT Products
210k F. Inventory Questionnaire & Responses
720k G. Draft HGMPs
1.8m H. Research, Monitoring & Evaluation

Updates: 5/31/2005: Posted Dec 2004  Management Plan (file was unintentionally omitted from Dec 2004 posting)
12/7/2004: New Section 2 (Introduction), Section 3.0-, Section 3.5, Section 4 (Inventory). See Addendum for specific changes.