The following is a list of presentation and background material from Council and Power Committee meetings.

We've included the Council's key assumptions and decisions related to the plan - however, it's not a complete list of every presentation given at every Council meeting.  

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If you have questions about the information presented, please contact: Chad Madron, Project Analyst, Power Division.

Be sure to also take a look at our Advisory Committees and their recent work for additional information!

Power Committee Discussions of Draft Plan

The Power Committee met several times in July and August to discuss the draft plan material. Recordings of these sessions are available on request. 

Plan Development Timelines and Related:



Presentations from the 2021 Plan Development Process:

Organized by topic with newest presentations listed first

  • Briefing on the analytical process for the 2021 Power Plan (02 - 04/2020)

Scenario Analysis

Bonneville Scenario:

Paths to Decarbonization:

  • Pathways to Decarbonization Scenario Findings (06/2021)
  • Paths to Decarbonization Scenario Discussion (05/2021)

Greenhouse Gas Cost Tipping Points:

Extra-Regional Markets/Organized and Limited Markets:

Early Retirement of Coal Generation

Robustness of Energy Efficiency:


  • Summary of Baseline Condition Modeling Results for Power Plan - Full Council (02/2021)
    • Review of Baseline Conditions Modeling Results (01/12/2021)


BPA scenario update (06/2020)

  • Review of Plan Scenarios – Part 1 (01/2020)
  • Review of Plan Scenarios -  Part 2 (02/2020)
  • Presentation related to scenarios (07/2019)
    • Scenarios proposed for inclusion (07/2019)
    • Scenarios NOT recommended for inclusion - these were considered by staff, but ultimately not recommended (07/2019)

Resource Strategy


Resource Adequacy

  • 2021 Power Plan Adequacy Assessment (05/2021)
  • Discussion of a Cost-Effective Reserve Methodology (05/2021)
  • Plan Adequacy Assessment Overview (04/2021)
  • Update on Power Plan Needs Assessment (ASCC) (03/2021)
  • Update on Power Plan Needs Assessment (Adequacy Reserve Margin) (01/2021)


Conservation and Energy Efficiency

Demand Response

Generation Resources

Load Forecasts

Natural Gas, Electricity Price Forecast


  • Electricity Price Forecast Updates (10/12/2020)
  • Updates to Electricity Price Forecast based on committee feedback (10/01/2020)
  • Wholesale Electricity Forecast Results Part 2 (09/2020)
  • Wholesale Electricity Price Forecast Part 1 (08/2020)
  • Briefing on upstream methane in Power Plan (06/2020)
  • Upstream Methane (01/2020)
  • Update on Wholesale Electricity Price Forecast and Avoided Emissions Rate (11/2019)
  • Natural Gas Price Forecast for 2021 Power Plan (11/2019)
  • End Use Gas Load Forecast (07/2019) 
  • Forecast electricity prices (06/2019)
  • Natural Gas Price Forecast and other fuel prices (05/2019)
  • Transportation Forecast (05/2019)


    Climate Change

    • Update on Climate Scenario Selection (05/2020)

    • General Circulation Model Scenario Selection (11/2019)
    • Overview of climate change and earth system models and representative concentration paths, Dr. David Rupp, Oregon State University (06/2019)
    • Intro to Climate change and the 2021 power plan (04/2019)

    Other Material