Fifth Northwest Electric Power and Conservation Plan

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VOLUME 1: Publication-quality summary

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VOLUME 2: Supporting data and analysis

Entire Volume 2, or by section:
Action Plan
1. Introduction - Theme of the Plan & Why
2. Current Status & Future Assumptions
3. Resource Alternatives - Conservation
4. Resource Alternatives - Demand Response
5. Resource Alternatives - Generating Resources
6. Risk Assessment & Management
7. Portfolio Analysis & Recommended Plan
8. Resource Adequacy
9. Transmission Issues
10. Fish & Power
11. The Future Role of Bonneville

VOLUME 3: Appendices

As of January 2006, appendices are still under development and may be subject to change.

Entire Volume 3 (Appendices A-P), or individual Appendices:
A. Demand Forecast
B. Fuel Price Forecast
C. Wholesale Electricity Price Forecast
D. Conservation Acquisition Strategies
E. Conservation Cost-Effectiveness Methodology
F. Model Conservation Standards
G. MCS Cost-Effectiveness for New Residents
H. Demand Response Assessment
I. Bulk Electricity Generating Technologies
J. Cogeneration and Distributed Generation
K. Carbon Sequestration
L. Description of the Portfolio Model (updated Jan 2006)
M. Global Climate Change Policy
N. Effects of Climate Change on the Hydroelectric System
O. Interaction between Power Planning and Fish & Wildlife Program Development
P. Treatment of Uncertainty and Risk
Supplemental Documents
Commercial Measures (zip file)
Irrigated Agricultural Resource Assessment (zip file)
Residential Resource Assessment (zip file)