September 2019 update: The Columbia Basin RM&E Strategy group has started, see that page for current RM&E-related activities.


During the July 2017 Council meeting update on habitat monitoring and evaluation, Council members supported staff to continue developing a program-focused habitat monitoring and evaluation approach.


The technical workgroup participants provide expertise to Council staff for the development of a program-focused habitat monitoring and evaluation approach that will:

  • meet information needs for guiding habitat actions throughout the basin, including the anadromous zone, blocked areas, and estuary.
  • report on program progress in addressing limiting factors for specific life-stages of anadromous and resident fish. 

Meetings and materials

  • November 2018 Council meeting: Tributary Habitat Monitoring and Evaluation
  • May 2018 Council meeting: Update on Habitat monitoring and evaluation strategy
  • April 2018 Council meeting: Follow-up from April 5th CHaMP presentation by Wildland Hydrology
  • February 2018: meeting informationmeeting notes and links to presentations
  • December 2017 Council meeting: Habitat monitoring and evaluation strategy: progress and status
  • October 2017
  • September 2017: conference call and go-to-meeting to brainstorm and discuss the Program's habitat monitoring and evaluation strategy to be developed during the October 2017 in-person meeting.
  • July 28 & 31, 2017 webinar to discuss draft Council staff program-focused habitat monitoring and evaluation approach and the need for co-managers and co-sponsor technical expertise.
  • July 2017 Council meeting: Update on Council’s review of tributary habitat monitoring and next steps on Council’s monitoring and evaluation approach
  • June 2017 Council meeting: Update on discussions with managers/sponsors on tributary habitat monitoring and review of M&E approaches
  • March 2017 Council meeting: Schedule to address the Council Program’s tributary habitat monitoring, including CHaMP, ISEMP and AEM
  • January 2017: Council decision on Bonneville’s response to the Council’s 2013 Conditions and recommendations regarding ISEMP, CHaMP, and Action Effectiveness Monitoring